Eliminating Tiny Black Ants From Your Home

3 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Beg Bugs

Bed bugs can be a particularly nasty pest. In addition to looking unsightly, bed bugs can cause you sleepless nights and itchy mornings. Luckily, there are a few ways to get rid of bed bugs. Read on and discover just a few of the most effective ways of ridding your home of these awful little beasts. If a number of these methods don't work for you, or if the infestation is far too great, it is in your best interest to call on the services of pest control. Read More 

Four Things You Are Doing That Attract Pests

Your daily habits may be attracting pests to your home, and you might not even realize it. The first step to pest control is changing your behavior to keep pests away. Whether you live in an urban area where rats or roaches might be a problem or you have a country home susceptible to mice and other pests, correcting these habits can help you to keep a peaceful home. You Leave Yard Waste In The Yard Read More 

The Fire Ant Fight: Tips For Tackling The Mound

If you've recently relocated to the southern region of the United States, you may be encountering many different pests that you've never seen before. A large percentage of the insects and pests in this region are highly active during the end of the summer, so you'll be likely to see a lot of them. One such pest is the fire ant. If you're not familiar with these critters, you are likely to confuse them with a traditional ant. Read More 

Pest Problems Around Your Restaurant Dumpster? Bust The Problem With These Simple Rules

If there is one simple rule of judgement when it comes to pests, it is to keep food out of their reach and they will likely stay away. Unfortunately, if you are in the restaurant business, food comes along with the territory and will most definitely be in your trash dumpster. Even though you may not be able to keep the food supply out of the situation, what you can do is make it less attractive for pests. Read More 

4 Ways To Control The Ants In Your Home

Ants in your home can be a major problem that eventually become an annoyance that is difficult to deal with. Ants can be attracted to your home for a number of reasons, which ensures that they will keep coming back. This is especially true if you live in an environment that attracts ants, such as near a river or lake. Here are four ways to control the ant problem in your home: Read More