Eliminating Tiny Black Ants From Your Home

Grilling Safely At The Office | How To Keep Bees Away From Your Company BBQ

Grilling at the office is a fun way to bring workers together, breathe fresh air, and enjoy a change in environment. But grilling outdoors comes with unique safety concerns, such as bee attacks. For workers who are allergic to bees, a single bee attack can be a life-threatening event. So protect the office workers, and keep bees away from your company BBQ by following the tips below. Location, Location, Location! Read More 

Three Things You Need To Know About Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrels

Thirteen-lined ground squirrels, also called striped gophers or leopard ground squirrels, are rodents that you may find living on your property. These rodents can cause numerous problems for you; here are three things you need to know about thirteen-lined ground squirrels. How can you identify thirteen-lined ground squirrels? Thirteen-lined ground squirrels have brown fir and thirteen stripes on their backs. These stripes alternate between brown and white, and there may also be spots on their backs. Read More 

The Four Signs Of A Termite Infestation You Need To Know

Termites can cause significant damage to your home, and they can be difficult to get rid of if the problem goes unnoticed for too long. Use these tips to spot signs of a potential termite infestation so you can take the proper steps to rid your home of these pests before they cause costly damage. Signs Of Structural Damage Termite damage can be found in various places throughout your home if the insects are living in your home. Read More 

Go Away And Stay Away! 4 Ways To Get Fleas Out Of Your Home

If your dog has brought unwanted guests into your home, it's time to get tough. As soon as you find fleas in your home, you have to act fast. Once they've infested your home and built nests, they can be difficult to get rid of. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to prevent the infestation from occurring. Here are four methods you can use to get rid of the unwanted guests and keep them away. Read More 

3 Common Ways To Rid Your House Of Fleas

Fleas can be one of the biggest pains in the neck to get rid of. Easily one of the most annoying insect infestations you can possibly have to deal with, fleas are itchy pests that bite at the very top layer of your skin and leave their trademark call sign behind: dreaded red bumps. Although they seem very difficult to get rid of, once you know a few methods of flea removal, they tend to dramatically drop off in numbers. Read More