Eliminating Tiny Black Ants From Your Home

How Do Bedbugs Get Into Your Home And How Do You Get Rid Of Them Safely?

You are likely to have never considered the possibility that your home may one day be infested with bedbugs. This type of infestation sounds like a relic of a distant past, yet bedbug infestations are becoming increasingly common across the United States. Although bedbugs can be killed with specific poisons, the best and safest way to eliminate bedbugs is using heat to get rid of both the bugs and their eggs. Read More 

Removing A Honey Beehive From Your Backyard

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and noticed there is an abundance of honey bees swarming around every time you try enjoying yourself in the area, there is a good chance a beehive is close by. After a honey beehive is found, you will most likely want to have it removed in its entirety so you are not putting yourself at risk for bee stings while in the area. Here are some tips you can use in removing a bee hive so you can once again enjoy spending time in your backyard without worrying about these pesky intruders. Read More 

3 Primary Pests You Need To Be Cautious Of In Your Chicken Coop

Having your own flock of backyard chickens is an excellent way to get fresh eggs when you need them, and chickens even make for interesting pets and are always a lot of fun to watch. However, chickens are not the highest up on the food chain, which means they will have to protected from potential predators if you want to keep them safe. Unfortunately, there are a lot of predators to be concerned about, especially when the sun goes down and your flock goes to roost in their coop for the night. Read More 

Grilling Safely At The Office | How To Keep Bees Away From Your Company BBQ

Grilling at the office is a fun way to bring workers together, breathe fresh air, and enjoy a change in environment. But grilling outdoors comes with unique safety concerns, such as bee attacks. For workers who are allergic to bees, a single bee attack can be a life-threatening event. So protect the office workers, and keep bees away from your company BBQ by following the tips below. Location, Location, Location! Read More 

Three Things You Need To Know About Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrels

Thirteen-lined ground squirrels, also called striped gophers or leopard ground squirrels, are rodents that you may find living on your property. These rodents can cause numerous problems for you; here are three things you need to know about thirteen-lined ground squirrels. How can you identify thirteen-lined ground squirrels? Thirteen-lined ground squirrels have brown fir and thirteen stripes on their backs. These stripes alternate between brown and white, and there may also be spots on their backs. Read More